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Karen LeGault

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I love to work from the world around me, to immerse myself in natural surroundings, to engage with a single flower or plant, to place myself in a bowl of fruit or walk like an ant or fly like a bird or bee among objects on a table, to feel the swimming through a cool substantial water. It is physical. I need to feel and smell the places I engage with. My brush feels the subjects into the paintings. It can be a realistic feeling that allows you to pick that tomato off its plate and imagine it in your mouth, sweet and juicy; or the cold cobalt blue of a jar against the thick pocked skin of a lemon.

It can be a feeling of sheer energy and movement, forces of nature, growth of a tree or stem in space, water over rocks. It can be an ethereal feeling of wind, sun, fog or mysterious atmosphere of a garden or wild place.

It could be a feeling of tranquility, unbound joy or a brooding storm.

The feelings are primordial as they move through me. I become a channel for them to keep them from running amok on the paper, tending the size of the shapes, tempering the relationships of colors, the effect of the negative spaces, regulating the pulse of vibration from within and giving texture to surfaces without.

Can you feel the breath of it?

This is my passion. 

watercolor by Karen LeGault

Blue Spring, Venus Rising – watercolor and sumi-ink on rice paper
by Karen LeGault © 2009


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