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February 21, 2016

What’s in a Brushstroke?

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I have observed many students loading a brush and then wiping out their efforts by dipping it in their water jar and eliminating the color they so carefully had picked up.
Painting with watercolor requires an attention to the quality of the relationship between pigment and water. You have to be constantly thinking about what you are trying to place on the paper.
The more water, obviously, the less intense the color will be, and vs a vs, an application of straight pigment with very little water added will yield a more intense color. There is a time for each!
There are many many types of brushstrokes, some are wet, wet and sloppy, some are dry, some very dry, some are big and bold, some are tiny and precise. The size, shape and nature of the brush and how wet or dry the brush is before you touch the paper with it all come together as you imagine what you want to happen when the stroke is placed.
Ultimately it is your imagination that is in charge! It has to request support from you and your brush, together with pigment and water, to create the strokes that lead to revealing your vision.

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