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April 30, 2012

On Blogging to You

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Who are you dear reader?

First of all you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t tripping around the internet in blogosphere-land if you weren’t a cyberspace adventurer to begin with. Or maybe you found your way into this bay of words and pictures by doing a search on my art, found my website, which led you to my blog. Or perhaps a friend sent you a link. Maybe you even found me in person at an Art Festival or Farmer’s market sharing my paintings!

However you found me, you wouldn’t have tarried here if you didn’t enjoy natural places, both cultivated and wild. You enjoy the experience you get from engaging with color and the evocation of scent and energy. You may be attracted to the spirit of the work and feel drawn into the other dimensions my work seems to access.

I don’t expect you to be in a “certain” age bracket, but instead are drawn by the serene and joyful spirit of my paintings, perhaps you are a gardener or are a garden appreciator. You may find a place of calm peace that assuages a hectic lifestyle or that energizes a sedentary one. You may just need some lively color and a sense of life around you to restore your spirit after your day, or year or life; or some inspiration to keep you going when you feel challenged.

Over time, you become friends with these works and find that the thought of living without them is unthinkable.

Where are you coming from dear Reader? Is it a State or is it a state of mind? Please let me know. How does my work speak to you and what do you hear, feel or see?

I am curious to see how writing about my work will help me clarify my relationship with it, and how your relationship with the work lends shaping. Ever looking for ways to connect with my viewers and help you understand what goes into a painting, – experiences, events, compositional intentions, decisions about subjects and color… not to mention things like choosing frames, successes and blunders, the trials and jubilations of exhibiting.

I wonder if I have anything to say, knowing that this life of art has consumed me for most of my life, the question is where to start…. And fear of not being perfectly stated! Yikes! Its time to let go! This blog could be a journey whose future is to unfold here on the page.

Please feel free to comment.


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