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March 21, 2012

Newest Print Release “Red Lotus”

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“Red Lotus” pen and ink and watercolor on paper
26 x 40
by Karen LeGault ©2003
fine art giclee print, signed and numbered, 26 x 40

26 x 40 giclee print, limited edition, signed and numbered

Recently a visitor at my studio was taken by this 26 x 40″ watercolor painting and was interested in purchasing it. I explained that it is in my personal collection, to be used as source material for other paintings, and not for sale.

Back in 2001 to 2007 I had the amazing experience of frequenting a Lotus Garden in Northern California, spending whole days there whenever I could, perched on the banks of the small bonds where the flowers are cultivated, with the buzz of dragonflies in the air, busy about the flowers, in the often sweltering summer heat. I was protected by the shade of some nearby willows and pines, drawing and painting, breathing in the fragrant air of the tall (and short) voluptuous flowers and their huge umbrella shaped leaves. The flowers open and turn to follow the sun during the course of the day. The petals of a flower I am looking at may have completely fallen off by the end of the afternoon. I loved the “eep” sound of the small frogs as they would leap into the water from their leaf perches when I walked by them and the sight of them sleeping in the muddy water.

The Lotus Garden is no longer open to the public, closed since 2009. I have at least 20 paintings from my times there. My visitor, Val, undeterred asked me if I had considered making a print from this painting, which was the one she liked the best. Yes, I had considered it, but now, it seemed, the time was right.

I am offering these stunning prints full size, 26 x 40″. The color is beautiful, a very close match, an excellent job by my print maker. They are printed on an acid free watercolor paper with long lasting archival printing inks, signed and numbered.

I will have this print on view at my art festival venues this year, or you can contact me about seeing it sooner. Please stop by and take a look.


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  1. Karen, your art reminds me of my favorite artist, Gustave Caillebotte! Though he focused on landscapes and portraits, I see his light in your eyes. Thank you! Matthew

    Comment by fengshuisanfrancisco — March 27, 2012 @ 17:27 |Reply

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